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    Mr. Goldbach was amazing through our situation. He is very honest, he replies promptly to emails and voicemails. He is very caring and really care about his customers. I will definitely use his services if need be. 100% recommended.
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    At the Goldbach Law Group, Long Beach bankruptcy law firm, compassion is our TOP priority. The goal is to provide you with our affordable legal services and well thought out negotiation practices. Our Long Beach Attorney will bend over backwards and deliver incomparable results.

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    We are a comprehensive firm focusing on bankruptcy and employment law. We are devoted to finding the most effective solutions designed to resolve your legal needs. With over 24 years of legal experience we can handle any situation—simple or complex. Whether it is saving your home from foreclosure to reaching a settlement after a wrongful termination, we are here from beginning to end.

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    Long Beach Bankruptcy Law Firm

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    Life after Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an emotionally charged life event.  The recovery process is equally emotional and should be thought of as a marathon and not a sprint.  Your bankruptcy attorney has no doubt detailed the steps taken throughout the bankruptcy process but now that you’re done you Read More...


    California Social Media Laws and Regulations

    Social Media is everywhere and for a large percentage of the population, especially the millennials, it has become a part of daily life.  Whether it be status updates, tweets, hash tagging, photos or even an update to your resume on LinkedIn people are sharing all aspects of their lives.  So what happens when you are Read More...


    Pay off your Mortgage Arrearage Using Chapter 13

    A mortgage arrear problem arises the moment you fail to make a full mortgage payment or a partial repayment the date that it is due. Resolving mortgage arrearage requires filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcies are often referred to as a reorganized bankruptcy because it allows you to reorganize your deb Read More...


    Student Loans and Filing Bankruptcy

    The average student loan debt in the U.S. far outweighs credit card debt. It’s extremely difficult to justify the student loan debt to income ratio. While filing bankruptcy is beneficial to most circumstances, it is important to know that student loan bankruptcy can be more complicated than most other cases. If you ar Read More...