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At the Goldbach Law Group, we believe our true worth is determined by how much we give our clients in value. We are a compassionate and affordable law firm whose top priority is to make sure your legal needs are met, and our mission is to provide highly skilled legal counsel at a reasonable price. Whether through expert negotiation or passionate trial representation, our firm’s experienced Whittier attorneys will do what it takes to fight for your rights while delivering unparalleled results.


Why Hire Goldbach Law Group?

The Goldbach Law Group is a comprehensive Whittier bankruptcy and employment law firm dedicated to finding the most effective solutions to resolving your situation. Unlike many other law firms, we provide focused legal representation specifically tailored to address the needs of those facing bankruptcy and employment legal crises.

We have more than 24 years’ experience specializing in Bankruptcy and Employment law and can handle any legal situation—no matter how simple or complex. From securing a settlement after your wrongful termination to saving your home from foreclosure, we’re here to help when things are at their worst, and we hold steadfast to our promise to listen to you and give you the personal attention you deserve throughout the entire legal process.

Our comprehensive legal services include:


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At the Goldbach Law Group, we offer practical solutions to even the most challenging legal issues. Whether you are facing a bankruptcy, employment or other type of pressing legal matter, our attorneys are ready to help you. For more than 24 years, we have been proudly representing clients located throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County. For a free confidential consultation, contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive legal services.